Find your perfect voice

My name is Kieran Morris, and I work with people to help them discover ways to express themselves, clearly and creatively.

When I first meet with people, we talk about where they want to get to – their desired outcome – and how they want to get there – their learning style. It’s all part of the bespoke nature of the work; as you can imagine, this work takes many forms.

Whilst every client journey is unique, the path we take is parallel to others. Many have gone before you, and the good news is that a combination of oracy, elocution, storytelling and presentation skills will work for you, as it has done for others. It will be your journey, but we’ll traverse it together.

If you can see yourself within that, you can get in touch directly or read more information below.

Find your perfect voice

Clarity of speech

From assessment of your speech and articulation, to practical ways to improve your clarity. All of it whilst maintaining your own identity.

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The very foundation of conversation, debate, critical discourse, and at the heart of our ability to represent an idea. Oracy is key, both socially and in the workplace.

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Creative expression

Taking your thoughts and content, we find ways to express your ideas in a way that will really stick in the mind of your listeners. Think storytelling for adults.

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Presentation skills

From help structuring your presentations, to making sure key ideas are landing with your listener. Stage presence, physicality, projection and more.

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Made to measure

My interests and experiences are broad, and I bring this philosophy to my work with others. A quick online search will reveal an abundance of resources available, some of which are excellent, but traversing this content and its application without guidance can be very challenging.

I am selective and specific in my recommendations, and will always have your goals in mind when I am working with you. If you are interested in the potential of working together, I would be happy to arrange an initial consultation where we can discuss your needs and desired outcome.

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– An Other