your voice

Your voice communicates your skill,
experience and all you hold dear.
Get the most out of it.

Listen to your body

Play to hear Kieran

Often, as adults, we are lost.
We don’t know what to say or how to say it.

We back down when we should step up or get tense presenting our amazing work. We even struggle to speak kindly to those we love. We feel all of this stuff and don’t know what to do about it.

Expressing ourselves, in whatever form that took, is something we learnt as children. And then, as adults, we suppressed the parts of ourselves that didn’t seem to fit in.

That’s why expressing yourself can be so uncomfortable. It’s a clash of essential self and professional human adult.

Your pain is just a tender, bodily reminder that your voice matters. Because people already want to hear from you. They’re invested, even when you hear “Shh!” inside.

Choosing to trust in your own value enriches us all. When you’re ready to do that, I’d love to show you some simple practices to express yourself well whenever you speak.

So raise your voice, because you’re the only one who can.

Let’s do this


Lucid communication starts with ourselves. This practice illuminates the unconscious patterns that get in your way.


Practical courses and 1:1 work that hones your speech on camera, during presentations, and when talking in-person.


An immersive video experience that’s part-interview, part-coaching. See yourself at your relaxed, self-expressive best.

Why this works

Play to hear Kieran

There are plenty of ways to get stuck when expressing what’s most dear to you. I’m sure you’ve built up a good arsenal over the years – we all have. Our dear egos get a lot of stick, but they form to protect those tender parts of ourselves. The bits that feel terrifying out-loud.

So it’s crucial to know what we get stuck on. And why. Because without that information, we blame externalities – other people, context, timing. We don’t look inside to determine what’s receiving protection in this act of ego defence. If you want to grow, you must Know Yourself.

Knowledge fosters growth. We can learn new skills because we have tools to understand the discomfort that arises. This space is challenging and exciting. A practice of being, out-loud. Because if you truly want to show yourself, you must Grow Yourself.

Doing inner work often feels lonely. It’s why I so value learning with others, out-loud. Because when you do put yourself out there, it’s a vulnerable act, however prepared you are. That’s why my work in this area is all about creating the space and conditions for you to be yourself. To capture your essence and Show Yourself.

“That was what I really enjoyed about this. Bringing it back to self-acceptance and self-love. That’s what it starts with. And I think that’s what’s so beautiful about what you’ve created. It’s not just about the craft of delivery, but also about going inwards and being okay, whatever you deliver.”

– Nirish Shakya