For those who would like to learn more effective speaking and listening habits but don’t fancy doing it in a room of strangers.

The Dialogue Chair

Once-weekly sessions in your office or home with one tutor acting as a conversational partner while the other one coaches, developing content with you as necessary.

This private course will address your specific needs.

You will become aware of how you speak and how you listen to people, learning and practising techniques with one tutor acting as colleague, the other as coach, while both tutors help you create and refine any content you are developing – for speeches, presentations or interviews.

Around 90 minutes
Appointments as convenient

Each session is unique to you. The course covers:

  • how to speak with confidence to strangers
  • how to start a conversation with new colleagues
  • how to ask questions of an acquaintance
  • how to give and take feedback
  • how to accept praise
  • listening
  • responding to resistance in others
  • voice projection and eye contact
  • how to deal with nerves
  • posture and body language

“Become aware of how you speak and how you listen to people, learning and practising techniques with one tutor acting as colleague, the other as coach.”


How does this course compare to the group courses?

Each session is tailored to meet your needs and all our time is focused on discovering solutions that work for you. We work as a unit, so you are always actively involved in the sessions, whether speaking or listening. We cover the same subjects but can spend more time on each exercise than we would in a larger group; we are free to expand or move on from topics, as necessary.

How do the sessions work?

The tutors will come to your workplace or home – wherever your feel most comfortable – at a time convenient to you. Taking on different roles, one tutor will act as your conversational partner, while the other coaches you in exercises that explore posture, delivery and content. We will help you discover limiting beliefs about your communication, and then practise new habits to establish a more confident foundation. The dynamic we create gives you the chance to try out many different conversational techniques in a supportive, encouraging environment. We’ve got your back, all the way.

What does a typical session look like?

We begin with a check-in, discovering where you feel you need help speaking or listening, addressing any anxiety you may have. A typical session covers many practical topics, from preparing an important work presentation, to working through a delicate conversation with your relatives. We draw on our Dialogue resources to best assist you each session, giving you the tools and practise you need to work with, rather than against, the feelings that arise when you communicate. Every session will have a consistent shape, but the content will be specific to you every time.

“Stephanie and Kieran were amazing and extremely welcoming, with such enthusiasm. An amazing, inclusive experience.
Thank you so much!”

“I enjoyed the whole day very much; I’d like more of it all!”

– Foot in the Door course feedback