For Dialogue graduates who want to practise networking and public speaking in a supportive environment.

The Dialogue Club

Monthly gatherings for Dialogue graduates who wish to meet regularly and practise their networking skills in a supportive and casual group.

These group sessions follow the two-day workshop and weekly sessions.

13:30 – 16:30
Weekend afternoons
Limited to Dialogue graduates

  • maintain new skills with fellow graduates
  • develop your networking skills in a supportive environment
  • address and solve specific problems on the day
  • create a support network to call upon outside of the classroom
  • request subjects on which the tutors will focus

“Each month you come together to practise everything you’ve learned in the Dialogue Room workshops and expand on it.”

Learn more with each other

Course overview

You guys rock. You are the hard-core, full-on, fun-loving seekers of greater skill, as speakers and listeners.

Each month you come together to practise everything you’ve learned in the Dialogue Room workshops and expand on it.

Feeling yourself armed with skills that you will hone with supportive colleagues, you are now
prepared for any conversation, any public speech, any panel discussion. You’ve remembered
how to talk and you know how to listen.


Why is the club open to Dialogue graduates only?

Every course and workshop we run fosters self-learning within a supportive and constructive environment. Because of this ethos, we wanted to allow space for graduates of these programmes to come together and meet, making new connections, within group sessions where everyone has a shared understanding and language. This way, we can ensure that everyone receives practical experience in a positive, convivial atmosphere.

How quickly will I progress?

The initial process of discovering one’s limiting beliefs is quick. Establishing new habits takes practise. We’ve designed the course to give you everything you need to understand these beliefs and the welcoming space in which to rehearse speaking without them. By the end of ten weeks you will have tried out your new skills in small groups, one-to-one and in front of the whole class. This work is most effective in the supportive and encouraging environment that we enjoy creating. We’ve got your back, all the way.

Who else will be on the course?

We attract people who are excited about gaining confidence, not just as speakers but in all areas of their lives. To date we have worked with lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, marketers, engineers, composers, linguists, copywriters, programmers, CEOs and civil servants of all ages, races and genders. Of the 12–16 people in your group, you are likely to meet a rich mix, from different backgrounds and professions.


Thank you for your time and interest; we hope you have enjoyed learning more about The Dialogue Room.

If you have questions, please get in touch. We would be delighted to hear from you.

We run courses throughout the year at locations in central London. If you would like to book your place on one of our forthcoming courses, you can do so below.

Every workshop we run brings us new discoveries and experiences. One of our recent graduates told us that “I now feel like anything is possible”. We want to share that feeling with you.

“Stephanie and Kieran were amazing and extremely welcoming, with such enthusiasm. An amazing, inclusive experience.
Thank you so much!”

“I enjoyed the whole day very much; I’d like more of it all!”

– Foot in the Door course feedback