For those who want to practise speaking clearly and listening well, meeting other students and progressing together.

Step one: two-day workshop

Two days of exercises, analysis and conversation in which participants explore habits that don’t work and learn ones that do, all as a team.

Become aware of everything you are doing as a speaker and listener; learn better habits (physically, vocally and mentally); create, practise and give a speech in pairs and, eventually, to the whole class.

This workshop precedes the weekly practise sessions.

Two consecutive days, 10:30–16:30
Limit of 16 participants

  • conduct an informal interview, in pairs, to identify all physical and vocal habits
  • study and put good habits into practise, in pairs and in the group
  • create a speech to share on day two and practise, using new habits
  • explore the role of motivation in learning to speak well
  • understand vocal projection
  • learn and practise good listening
  • understand the role of feeling – yours and the audience’s – in speaking well
  • examine several good speakers
  • explore ineffective and helpful mental habits
  • perform the speech, in pairs and in front of the class, using new techniques

Step two: weekly practise

Two-and-a-half hours, once a week, in which graduates of the workshop choose projects to develop with the help of tutors and colleagues in a supportive, encouraging environment.

Deepen the skills you’ve begun to practise in a group. Create content the tutors help you craft and work towards a presentation. Bring communication problems to the table that the tutors and colleagues resolve in the class.

This course follows the two-day workshop.

Ten mini-workshops
Limited to workshop participants

  • how to deal with nerves
  • voice projection and eye contact
  • study posture and body language
  • learn how to give and take feedback
  • learn how to accept praise
  • practise listening
  • learn how to respond to resistance in others
  • understand timing in a conversation
  • learn which technique best suits which speech
  • take new skills into the world

Learn what you need to know

Course overview

You brave and noble souls. You have each earned 10,000 points (non-refundable, non-transferable, wholly un-meaningful) for exploring, in depth, the idea that you can learn to speak more clearly and listen more effectively.

Beginning with an exercise that identifies all verbal tics and physical mannerisms, half of the first day is spent practising speaking, in pairs and then in front of the group, without those habits. Every participant creates a speech or conversation that they will hone over the two days, learning techniques that will help them project their voice, help them speak, feelingly and help them understand the story they tell about themselves as a speaker.

Exercises in listening are followed by an in-depth study of three powerful speeches, where posture, eye contact, timing and pronunciation are all considered. At the end of the two days participants share the speech or conversation they have been honing and practising, in pairs and then to the group.

After the two-day course you will not only be able to imagine yourself speaking with confidence to your supervisor, speaking up in board meetings and giving what you KNOW is a powerful presentation, you’ll have to the tools to make it happen – tools that you will practise over the next ten weeks.

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Who is this course designed for?

The course is for people who would like to feel more confident in how they communicate, day-to-day. We are excited to set the bar high, asking a lot of ourselves and one another, both emotionally and technically. One of our greatest pleasures is working with like-minded participants.

How quickly will I progress?

The initial process of discovering one’s limiting beliefs is quick. Establishing new habits takes practise. We’ve designed the course to give you everything you need to understand these beliefs and the welcoming space in which to rehearse speaking without them. By the end of ten weeks you will have tried out your new skills in small groups, one-to-one and in front of the whole class. This work is most effective in the supportive and encouraging environment that we enjoy creating. We’ve got your back, all the way.

Who else will be on the course?

We attract people who are excited about gaining confidence, not just as speakers but in all areas of their lives. We have worked with lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, marketers, engineers, composers, linguists, copywriters, programmers, CEOs and civil servants of all ages, races and genders. Of the 12–16 people in your group, you are likely to meet a rich mix, from different backgrounds and professions.


Thank you for your time and interest; we hope you have enjoyed learning more about The Dialogue Room.

If you have questions, please get in touch. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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Every workshop we run brings us new discoveries and experiences. One of our recent graduates told us that “I now feel like anything is possible”. We want to share that feeling with you.

“Stephanie and Kieran were amazing and extremely welcoming, with such enthusiasm. An amazing, inclusive experience.
Thank you so much!”

“I enjoyed the whole day very much; I’d like more of it all!”

– Foot in the Door course feedback