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Oracy skills – the skills of speaking – are the foundation of our ability to interact. They underpin conversations, help us win people’s interest and trust, challenge and debate opposing views and persuade others. Our proficiency at oracy even affects how others perceive our approachability and openness, so it is enormously importance in every area of our lives.

Perhaps you’re great at building rapport already, but struggle to discuss an issue you feel strongly about with someone with an opposing view. Maybe you see others who seem to have a ‘natural’ gift for speech and wonder why it seems to be so easy for them.

Communication norms are changing so fast. We live in a society of ever-increasing digital fluency, where our ability to connect and communicate with one another has never been greater.

Online, visual and text- based communications are such a regular part of our daily lives that they have started to supersede more traditional forms of contact – like speaking! This is not to say that this forward momentum is negative – there are many personal and societal benefits – but many of us are devoting less time to conversing with one another, and this means we are getting fewer chances to build up our skills.

The reality is that oracy, like so many skills, improves with practice. We offer you a path to develop skills many of us have not actively considered as adults. Practicing in a supportive situation with structured feedback from others is a powerful way to try out different strategies in a safe space and find what works for us individually.

Becoming more proficient in these oracy skills will bring you many benefits: ways into creative, collaborative discussion, exposure to a broader range of opinions, an ability to understand others on a level of deep human connection. So this work brings multiple benefits to you as a individual, to your team as they work with each other, and to your organisation as it pitches new products to your more richly understood audience.

“There is much to be gained by practising together, developing skills that we may have not actively considered for years as adults.”

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– An Other