Confidence through talk

The Dialogue Room offers a unique opportunity to practise speaking clearly and listening well. It was developed in response to the demand from private clients who want the chance to meet other students and to progress, as a group, over several weeks.

The course has been designed and developed with Stephanie Young, a talented and experienced facilitator with whom Kieran Morris has been delivering successful workshops since 2016.

The Dialogue Room starts every student intake with an intense two-day workshop. This is the first chance to meet both of the tutors and new colleagues. Over two days the group will learn how to speak and listen more effectively, will begin to bond and will support one another in identifying the beliefs that inhibit good conversation. The group becomes an intimate and powerful family, greater than the sum of its parts, as colleagues experience the rare pleasure of talking openly about talking.

Participants are invited to keep meeting, once a week for ten weeks, to expand the skills they have learned in the workshop. Each student chooses projects to work on throughout the course. Every class offers structured exercises in addition to improvised solutions for questions the participants bring to class that week.

The tutors create a welcoming and even celebratory room; we know life-changing things happen when people learn how to speak openly together.

“People are born confident.

We learn not to be.

All that stands between you and a fluent expression of your thoughts and feelings are habits that can be unlearned.”

“Stephanie and Kieran were amazing and extremely welcoming with enthusiasm. An amazing, all-inclusive experience.
Thank you so much!”

– 2017 workshop participant