Modern video portraits that
reflect your essential self
at its shining best.


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Be yourself. A phrase so deceptively simple that it’s easy to kid ourselves we already are. But how can we know? It’s not easy to step out of ourselves and see as others do. When we look in a mirror we receive the reflection we expect.

But out there, we interact with others, we speak about our work, we express what we love and care for. If we’re feeling valued and aligned, our essential self emerges. And that’s something no audience can miss. They’ll remember your energy and ideas. They may even reflect back the energy that you’re so generously providing in the moment.

So what happens when your being and their receiving are out of sync? When your audience is not present at the moment of speaking? It’s one of the biggest challenges of recording yourself – to summon up your essence in that moment and capture it for others to enjoy later. And without the audience, you become the sole arbiter of success. You re-watch your least-favourite parts and determine the value of the whole thing based on them.

It’s easy to see why shiny new kit holds such an appeal. If only you had a fancy light and a better camera, you wouldn’t feel this way, would you? Well, it’s an effective sales narrative. But it’s not true. People respond to people, not technology. They’ll put up with grainy footage and tinny audio if the person shines through.

Being yourself on a recording is brave and connected work. But it serves you, and your audience, in incredible ways. It’s the mirror that reflects back the self that others get to see.

“Kieran has a way of seeing that makes me feel safe and celebrated. The process of these portraits is testimony to this. I always felt uncomfortable on video until we worked together. He has a way of capturing my essence in a way I’ve never witnessed before.”

– Ellie Lloyd-Jones

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Soul Portraits

£1.4K, online, 1–2 weeks
£2.8K, in-person, ~1 month

Recording yourself can be hard. We miss the energy of an audience. We review our attempts in a critical, depleting way. We doubt our intent and find the whole thing exhausting.

Soul Portraits offer an antidote to the above. A compassionate space to find your words and be yourself. An experience of positive support during recording and practical, actionable feedback.

You may have a project you already wish to speak about. If that’s the case, this work will feel most like a lovely chat. We’ll meet to talk through your ideas, find the prompts that you enjoy, and capture the resulting conversation.

Or you may wish this to be a portrait of you and your work. An exploration of the things your love and care about most deeply. A conversation that captures your essence in the way that others see.

Whichever path you choose, the experience of recording will be enjoyable. And at the end of the project, you’ll have the opportunity to see yourself speaking at your best. A lovingly presented portrait of you, as witnessed by others. It can be a moving experience and one that I always treasure.

If you’re interested in commissioning a Soul Portrait, I’d love to hear more. Find a good time for you via Calendly below and I’ll look forward to speaking soon.

“Kieran’s empathy and compassion creates a space where I can show up unapologetically in all of my imperfect humanness and still feel proud of the end result. The amount of care, dedication and attention to detail Kieran puts into editing the Soul Portraits to bring out the best version of me is as powerful of the day of filming itself. I am so thrilled with the end result. I have always shied away from putting video content out for my business because I see myself as being awkward and not compelling to watch but I can’t wait to put these soul portraits on my website and social media!”

– Ellie Lloyd-Jones